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Actionable Profitability Analytics

“What gets rewarded gets repeated and what gets measured gets managed” – Scott Wise Actionable Profitability Analytics

Tip Tuesday – Actionable Profitability Analytics

“Profitability analytics is more of an art than a science” – Scott Wise Actionable Profitability Analytics

Whiteboard Wednesday 2019.09.04

With the release of my new book Actionable Profitability Analytics, I have had many conversations with thought leaders and professionals discussing the use of analytics to generate more profitable business behaviors. In each of these conversations a common question is asked; “What are actionable analytics?”. My first response is usually to read the first chapter … Continue reading

Tip Tuesday – Actionable Profitability Analytics

“Analytics have the immediate, powerful and practical use that provides clarity to make decisions.” – Scott Wise Actionable Profitability Analytics

Whiteboard Wednesday 2019.08.14

Actionable Profitability Analytics I had the pleasure of teaching at the FMS Profitability Institute at Washington University in St Louis a few weeks ago. During the 5 day event we covered bank profitability analytics and the methods and madness associated with it. On the closing day, the other instructors and I asked ” what challenges … Continue reading