Actionable Profitability Analytics

Actionable Profitability Analytics: Going Beyond The Visuals To Produce Meaningful Insights And Drive Profitable Behaviors

Traditional accounting methods provide a wealth of information about a company’s financial health, but they can only reveal so much. In addition to understanding “what happened” in terms of expenses and income, cost and profitability analytics consider “why it happened” by constructing a multidimensional view of a diverse set of variables examined on a granular level. 

In Actionable Profitability Analytics, Scott Wise teaches how to establish a foundation of transparency, good governance, and guiding principles before launching into the methodology of multidimensional profitability and strategic cost modeling. He then addresses the challenges of implementation, cogently explaining how to bring it all together to generate a real impact on the bottom line.

F-Words for Entrepreneurs

Expected 2020 Release

F-Words For Entrepreneurs: Words Every Entrepreneur Should Master in Business and Life

This book is my therapeutic journey to building or re-building a business engineered around an entrepreneurial lifestyle design that works for you, not vice versa.  It is for those who chase the dream of owning your own business, only to wake up to the nightmare of 60-70 hour weeks, client calls from soccer fields, interrupted vacations, and an unsustainable roller coaster financial position that your family has become ‘accustomed to’.  The book shares the cold hard truth about the entrepreneurial lifestyle and my journey to scream F-words at it until it conformed to my will.  Not typical F-words from frustration, but strategic F-words that matter to your life and business.  Words like freedom, the antonym to the slave life you had in the corporate cubical farms.  Words we don’t say like fear and failure, because we have to maintain that illusion of success found in our profiles and bios.  Words like focus and finish, which we struggle to understand without extra doses of Adderall chased by double espressos.  And of course, the almighty F-word of finances, which is at the core of this entrepreneurial lifestyle that has robbed us of the moments that matter most.

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